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Seminar Overview (As of April 2024)

Belonging to the Marketing Division, School of Business Management at Sanno Institute of Management, the Kogoma Seminar is a team that probes and acts with a specific focus on marketing and branding.

Name Kogoma Seminar
From September 2014(preparation continued from 2013)
Members Graduated 2017: 21, 2018: 22, 2019: 21, 2020: 21, 2021: 23, 2022: 24,2023:22,2024:19
Seniors: 22
Juniors: 25
Super Visors (OB/OG) : 2
Research Area ・Marketing communication

・Brand management


・Management strategy
Activities ・Research/practice/enlighten through seminars/sub-seminars

・Publicize research report/theses

・Planning/operation of open seminars for publication

・Collaboration with businesses(hands-on projects)
Location 1-gokan, Jiyugaoka Campus, Sanno Institute of Management

Address: 6-39-15 Todoroki, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, 158-8630

Direct: 080-4600-3044 (to Professor Kogoma)

MAP: http://www.sanno.ac.jp/map/jiyugaoka.html

Our logo mark is a symbol of our passion.

The arched design represents Jiyugaoka, the place of our learning as well as the outline of the Earth.

Blue sky stretches over the logo along with our slogan, The Sky is The Limit, is underpinned by the word GO in boldface which represents our relentless challenging spirit.

Between the sky and the Earth are the team members, the pillars who support the Seminar. The colors are the theme colors which represents the characteristic of each grade. As the first team members, we chose this rainbow color to describe how we place importance on the values created from diversity: “We can create a new value by respecting the individualities and the differences in opinions and values.”

We will engage in our mission and activities, driven by the passion symbolized in this logo.

Professor’s Message

The Sky is The Limit.

The Kogoma Seminar kicks off in September 2014!

I am happy to announce that wonderful passionate members have gathered in response to my message. Our ambition and our creed is “To believe in our own potential, unbound and undaunted, to create new values for a better world for the future generation. Together, we will continue our quest to understand what true value is for the people. This is why we will be relentless in elevating our own ability and quality as global citizens, to be an effective and positive driver for the progress of our world.”

Based on this creed, our mission is to work with the businesses of today to study how to maximize marketing and branding philosophy and methodologies for the better and share our findings and proposal with the wider society.

We are company. More than seminar.

To be daring(fearless to set precedence). This is the spirit infused in our creed. We are a company of fellows who came together with the same passion and ambition. The word “company” stems from a Latin word, ‘companio,’ which means to ‘share bread together.” It later evolves to refer to a business entity, the definition which we most commonly associate with today. The Kogoma seminar is found on this notion, to be a platform, going beyond the framework of traditional university research seminars, for business people and researchers who share our passion to leverage marketing and branding to bring positive change to our society. Members of the Kogoma seminar are anyone who come together to deliver on this one passion, one purpose.

Based on our creed, our main activities are:

・Directly engage with the “real issues the society and businesses are facing today” and work on projects with business practitioners.

・Organize open seminars as an opportunity to exchange information about how marketing and branding is practiced by businesses today.

・Implement empirical research into the roles marketing and branding plays in the progress and the future of society. Publicize our findings on our website, through reports, SNS and other media.

It’s obvious that we can’t go at this alone.
We welcome anyone who’ve visited this website and agree with our approach to join our efforts.

This website is a “new style,” a fruit of many hours and efforts, guided by web marketing experts.
It is our humble desire that our passion strikes a chord and become the catalyst for meaningful connections.


Atsushi Kogoma

Professor’s Profile

Atsushi Kogoma

Professor, Marketing, School of Business Management, Sanno Institute of Management

1960 Born in Setagaya, Tokyo
1983 B.A. in Business Management, Aoyama Gakuin University

Studies “American business theory” and “Empirical study of marketing strategy of Japanese companies.” Receives the “Dentsu Award for Advertising Thesis” Group Research Division while at Aoyama.
1983 Joins Daiichi Advertising(now I&SBBDO)

Account service for household brands working on brand work and media planning. As a producer, produces sports, music event, designer fashion shows, and other events. Transfers to management/planning.
2000 Joins Interbrand Japan as an executive consultant, leading projects for corporate branding, related to bringing change in businesses.
2005 Joins Prophet Strategy as Managing Director

Joins the board of the U.S. management consultant firm where D.A. Aaker, the well-known figure who advocates brand theory, is the vice chairman. Works on management of asset value creation of Japanese businesses through projects with brand system strategy, brand portfolio strategy, and touchpoint strategy.
2006 Joins Futurebrand as CEO

While overseeing projects to create corporate values, teaches brand management at business schools and corporate universities.
2010 Sets up his own company, BRAND ENGINEERING, to handle management consulting assignments.
2013 Joins the faculty at the School of Business Management, Sanno
Institute of Management Wearing two hats of management consultant and a professor,teaches marketing and brand management.
2014 Sets up “Kogoma Seminar” in the Marketing course at University.

21 students have joined the seminar.

Other Activities

2005 Member of the editing committee for the “Marketing Communication Dictionary” (SENDEN KAIGI)
2013 Co-authored “Tsukin Daigaku MBA Series – Branding”

Lecturer “Brand Management” at Kokoku Kakushin Juku

Lecturer, “Brand Marketing” at The Research Institute of Marketing

Lecturer, “Marketing&Branding” at Hotel Industry Management School, The Japan Hotel Education Center

Brand Platform

Our brand platform is a description of the values and creed which we all share. Along with our belief, “The Sky is The Limit,” the brand platform expresses our thinking, attitude, and defines our action. It is also the ‘values and the mission’ shared with business practitioners and researchers with whom we will collaborate with. The Kogoma seminar is not a place within a university but “fortunate encounters which create new values” built on this shared values and mission.

Marketing 2020 Vision

Vision Statement Logo

In creating Marketing 2020 VISION

*2020 VISION is a keyword that indicates the year 2020 as well as having a 2020 vision to have a clear sight of the future.

Above is a marketing concept which all members of the seminar have labored many hours to discuss and define and one which embodies our belief. “Why are we studying marketing at university?” “What do we want to achieve through marketing when we join the workforce?” It is a statement that defines marketing to the depth, our raison d’etre.

The vision statement logo, “Making the world a happy place through marketing!(writing in Japanese)” is a symbol that embodies our passion which we aim to realize through marketing which we will proudly wear on our hearts as we work with the greater society.

Over the years, the concept of marketing has evolved beyond “creating a system that sells and drives customer satisfaction” to “a business practice where companies create products and services of value in response to the needs and wants of the people and society and make value-based proposals which people find beneficial.”

The diversification of people’s value and lifestyle and the progress of the network society in the recent years have also elevated the concept of marketing to a higher level where its purpose is “to realize a better world.”

Our belief is that what’s important for businesses today is to recognize and embrace what one can and should do for a better world, to make daily efforts so that it can engage its entire organization to work with people in the community to create new values.

Also, during our process to study the progress in marketing concepts, we discovered that it did not simply advance as a management method to drive company profits but was driven by a more creative desire to “create market for a social system that drives meaningful exchange for people and society to aim for a positive direction.

“A better world” means a society where when businesses take the people’s perspective and implement marketing activities accordingly, a meaningful exchange can happen smoothly and fairly between those who require a set value and those who own or can create that value, ultimately providing a significant benefit to the people and the society.

The deeper we probed into the definition of marketing, the more we felt we want to talk about the essence of marketing by not using the technical vocabulary used by the business professionals and researchers but simpler words, taking people’s perspective. This is how we came up with the message, Marketing 2020 VISION, the future we want to create through marketing. This message captures just that and is also a statement of our conviction which we will keep close to our hearts.